If you wish to apply for admittance into the BA program in Music or the BS program in Music Education, or if you wish to be considered for the Arts Achievement Award in Music, you must:

  1. Apply to the University (application deadlines listed here):
    Applicants should complete and submit their Common Application and respond “yes” to the question regarding the Arts Supplement on the CWRU member page.  Students applying to the music major should indicate music as one of their 1st or 2nd choices for majors within the academic section of the Common Application.
  2. Complete the Case Western Reserve University Arts Supplement, which serves as your digital portfolio/video audition:
    The Arts Supplement is a digital portfolio that consists of a brief questionnaire and video audition. Shortly after a student has submitted a complete application to the University, the Office of Undergraduate Admission will electronically deliver login credentials that the student will use to access their applicant portal. In addition to being the place where students can track the status of their application, this is also where the students will submit the Arts Supplement. 
  • Early Action Application | Arts Supplement Submission Deadline: November 9
  • Regular Decision Application | Arts Supplement Submission Deadline: January 28

Incoming Students (Fall 2018) — There’s still time to audition if you haven’t already! Students admitted to CWRU and arriving in Fall 2018 with the intention of majoring in music can still schedule an audition. For next steps, please contact Mr. Eric Charnofsky, Coordinator of Undergraduate Enrollment. 

Detailed audition guidelines are listed on our Audition Information page.

The Arts Supplement (digital portfolio/video audition) is required on the student’s primary instrument.  Original compositions or video selections on a secondary instrument are not required and cannot be used as a substitution for the audition, but applicants are welcome to include them.  The video itself should not be overly produced or edited.  The most important thing is that the applicant can be seen and heard clearly.  The system allows for multiple files, which may be easier to upload.

Students applying to the BS program in Music Education will be invited to complete an additional live audition and interview, pending a successful screening of their video audition by faculty members.  Music Education faculty offer videoconference and on-campus options for this second audition and interview (see details below). Students applying to the Music Education program should submit their Common Application and corresponding Arts Supplement materials as soon as possible and well ahead of the posted deadlines to allow ample preparation time for a potential second audition and interview.  Eligible students will be contacted directly for scheduling.

  • Early Action Application | Music Education Live Audition and Interview DateNovember 17, 2018
  • Regular Decision Application | Music Education Live Audition and Interview Dates: February 8 & 16, 2019

Once the admissions process is complete, the Office of Undergraduate Admission will notify students regarding their application to the university and any scholarships awarded. If a student is admitted to the university, they will receive separate notification regarding admission to the music major.

Students can declare a minor if music or participate in ensemble/lessons without passing an audition, however, all students wishing to be considered for the Art Achievement Award must submit an Arts Supplement.

If you have questions about the application and audition process for the Department of Music, please contact Ms. Jennifer Wright, Coordinator of Department Operations and Undergraduate Recruitment, at music@case.edu.