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Double Major / Dual Degree – Program Information

At Case Western Reserve University we want to help you maximize both your potential and your opportunities. Besides being one of the few universities to combine conservatory-level training with the advantages of a liberal arts education, we also offer a double major or dual degree.

Students can earn a B.A. with a double major in music and any other major offered in the B.A. program of the College of Arts and Sciences (for example, music and psychology, music and English, music and biology—the combinations are limited only by the areas of study available). Students who wish to study both music and another field that calls for a B.S. degree can pursue a B.A.-B.S. dual degree, which requires an additional 30 credits beyond what is required for the B.A. (the most common dual degree combination is a B.A.-B.S. in music and engineering). Although the dual degree requires additional credits, many of our students are able to complete the program in four years.

For more information about these options, please contact the Department of Music at or 216.368.2400.

Page last modified: June 4, 2014