Music Theory Courses Offered During Summer Session

Think Summer at CWRU | With over 100 undergraduate and graduate courses in the College of Arts and Sciences, Case School of Engineering, and Weatherhead School of Management, the CWRU Summer Session is a great opportunity to catch up or get ahead. Three music theory courses will be offered (delivered remotely):

MUTH 103: Music Theory I
Music theory for the nonmusic major. Intervals, scales, rhythmic drill, sight singing, eartraining, keyboard work, and harmony through inversions of triads and seventh chords. Not open to music majors.

MUTH 312: Eighteenth Century Counterpoint
Analysis and writing of inventions in two parts, and fugues in three and four parts. Recommended preparation: MUTH 202 or MUTH 206.

MUTH 320: Form and Analysis
Aural and visual analysis of structural and stylistic features of 16th through 20th century music.