Jeremiah Davenport (GRS ‘17), aka Dr. Lady J, Quoted as Expert on Drag Culture in VICE and SCENE

Dr. Lady J, (known outside of drag as Jeremiah Davenport) holds a doctorate in Musicology from Case Western Reserve University and is the world’s first drag queen with a PhD dissertation on drag history, a working drag queen whose research and educational outreach focus on obliterating the erasures of queer performance from history and bringing forward the contributions drag performers have made to politics, music, film, fashion, and popular culture. Find her recent drag history quotes in the VICE and SCENE articles below.

VICE | How New York City Speakeasies Changed American Culture Forever

SCENE | Cleveland’s Drag Scene is Expanding the Boundaries of the Artform and Finding New Audiences 

(left) Photo by Ian Argo


Cover Photo by Emanuel Wallace