String & Piano Chamber Music

Director: Carolyn Warner
Course Number: MUEN 358
Rehearsals: TBD | TBD
Participation Requirements: Audition required. Concurrent enrollment in either MUEN 385 or MUEN 386 required.


CWRU students will have the opportunity to experience a rigorous combination of private coaching, master classes and performance while immersing themselves in great  chamber music repertoire from the 18th -21st centuries. The course covers rehearsal techniques,  group dynamics, opportunities for independent rehearsal, as well as an historical, social, and political overview of the composer’s life and work. By audition only.

This ensemble requires concurrent enrollment in either the Case University Circle Orchestra ( MUEN 385) or the Case Camerata Chamber Orchestra.  Please see their web pages for detailed audition information and sign up for a time beginning July 30, 2018

For more information, contact Carolyn Warner at