Case Concert Choir

Director: Dr. Michael Peters
Course Number: MUEN 382
Rehearsals: Harkness Chapel MW, 7:00-8:30 PM
Participation Requirements: Requires audition. See audition section for information.


Want to sing with a group of dynamic people? Join Case Concert Choir and share in the excitement of making music together! Repertoire for the 2019–20 season will include music from a variety of historical and stylistic contexts.

The Case Concert Choir is an auditioned mixed-voice ensemble with a focus on performing both a cappella and accompanied choral music from a variety of time periods and genres. In addition to shorter pieces, the ensemble also performs larger works of choral-orchestral repertoire through collaborations with the our University Circle neighbor institutions (Mozart Requiem, 2011; Vaughn Williams Toward the Unknown Region, 2012; Haydn Schöpfungsmesse, 2013; Bernstein Chichester Psalms, 2014; Beethoven Meeresstille und glückliche Fahrt, Haydn Te Deum and Mendelssohn Magnificat, 2015; Duruflé Requiem and Quatre Motets, 2016; Handel Coronation Anthems, 2017; Rheinberger Mass and Rutter Mass of the Children, 2018). Last year, Concert Choir collaborated with the Church of the Covenant Chancel Choir to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, presenting the world premiere of Solas by David Childs, with the composer conducting. During spring 2020, Concert Choir will present a program in honor of the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth.

Case Concert Choir was originally founded in 2004 as part of a University Presidential Initiative to support the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Case Concert Choir maintains a tradition of excellence in performance, strives to improve group and individual musicianship skills, and fosters community building. Dr. Michael Peters brings a wealth of knowledge to the podium as an experienced professional vocalist and conductor for the 2019–20 academic year. An overview of the 2019–2020 schedule follows below.

The ensemble is open to any undergraduate or graduate student at CWRU or CIM. Members may choose to participate in the ensemble for 0-1 credit (MUEN 382). Auditions are held during the first week of classes each semester. Please see below for additional details.

University Circle Festival Chorus
Faculty, Staff, and University Circle Community Members wishing to sing during our annual Circle Fest Carol Sing in December are welcome to join us through the University Circle Festival Chorus! Rehearsals are held Monday evenings, starting at specific times during the semester. Individuals interested in singing this fall should contact Dr. Peters directly for additional information.


CCC auditions for spring semester 2020 will take place following the first rehearsal on Wednesday, January 15th in Harkness Chapel. Auditions may also be scheduled by appointment with the director (see below). All students wishing to participate in Concert Choir must audition. Course registration permission will be granted at the end of the first week of classes and will continue through the add-drop period for new members. Students must be registered for MUEN 382 in order to participate. Singers from all majors, both undergraduate and graduate levels at CWRU and CIM, are welcomed and encouraged to audition!

STEP 1: Schedule your audition on Wednesday January 15 (or by appointment)

Schedule your audition using Google Calendar Appointments. Navigate to the earliest audition date and time available. (Note: You must be signed in to your CWRU Google account.) Contact Dr. Michael Peters if you  have any difficulties scheduling your audition.

Interested students should attend the first rehearsal on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. in Harkness Chapel. Auditions will follow, beginning at 8:30 p.m.

STEP 2: Complete an online audition form

  1. Login to Chrome with your CWRU account
  2. Click HERE to complete an audition form now (before your audition). 

STEP 3: Prepare for and come to your scheduled audition (Wednesday January 15 or by appointment)

  • Learn the melody AND another voice part to the CWRU Alma Mater. Download the score and listen to Case Concert Choir sing the Alma Mater. This means that Sopranos and Altos should learn BOTH the the Soprano and Alto parts. Tenors and Basses should learn their part AND also the melody (the soprano part).
  • Arrive a few minutes early for your audition. Note the location on the calendar appointment when you sign up. Auditions take place either in Harkness Chapel (Wednesday evening) OR in Haydn Hall, Room 304 (by appointment).
  • Attend the first rehearsal on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. in Harkness Chapel.

Auditions will continue through the add-drop period. Contact Dr. Peters if you have any questions or would like additional information:

Case Concert Choir Audition Requirements:

The audition process for Case Concert Choir is designed to let the director get to know you and your singing ability in a short amount of time. If you take some time to prepare before your audition, take a few deep breaths before your appointment, and sing to the best of your ability, you can leave feeling good about the meeting! Please take a moment to review the audition requirements.



Dates, times and venues are subject to change. Please check this page to confirm details before attending an event.



Wednesdays 1/15 and 1/22 | 7:00 pm
Open rehearsals, auditions following
Harkness Chapel | 11200 Bellflower Road


Friday, 2/21 | 7:30 pm
Choral Showcase Invitational Concert
Maltz Performing Arts Center | 1855 Ansel Road | parking available


Saturday, 4/18 | 8:00 pm
Beethoven @250
Case Concert Choir, Church of the Covenant Sanctuary Choir, Festival Orchestra
Church of the Covenant | 11205 Euclid Avenue | free parking available




Wednesday 8/28 | 7:00 pm
Open rehearsal, auditions following
Harkness Chapel | 11200 Bellflower Road


Saturday, 9/7 | 10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.
Fall Retreat (Concert Choir)
Church of the Covenant


Friday, 11/15 | 8:00 pm
Fall Choral Weekend
Case Concert Choir, University Chorale
Church of the Covenant | 11205 Euclid Avenue | free parking available


Sunday, 12/8 | 4:00 pm
University CircleFest Carol Sing
CWRU Choirs, Church of the Covenant Choirs, guest ensembles
Church of the Covenant | 11205 Euclid Avenue | free parking available





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