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Enacting Curricular Change in Music Education through Vernacular Music

Music Education and Popular Music Conference

March 28-30, 2019 
Case Western Reserve University | Cleveland, Ohio

Presented by the CWRU Music Education Program and Center for Popular Music Studies, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Calls for curricular change in music education abound, but how can we bring this change to our programs, and why is change important? Numerous conferences, publications, and workshops have focused on the inclusion of popular music, vernacular music, progressive methods, and alternative ensembles into the curriculum. More work, however, is needed on exactly how to bring these changes about. This conference will provide an opportunity for various stakeholders in the music education profession, including community music, to bring together resources from a range of programs, organizations, and experiences. We seek to foster conversation and movement toward curricular change through a focus on how to effect small- and large-scale change within various organizations (e.g., schools, districts, universities, community programs). This conference will feature keynote speakers addressing connections between social justice, inclusion, and curricular change; orchestrating change within organizations; and creating and strengthening school-community partnerships. Other highlights include a reception and social events at local venues, performances by vernacular music groups from area schools, teacher workshops, and presentations by K-12, community, and university music teachers.

~ Dr. Lisa Huisman Koops and Dr. Nathan Kruse, Conference Coordinators
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