Concerto Competition

Each spring, CWRU undergraduate students compete in recital format for an opportunity to perform as a soloist with Symphony Orchestra or Symphonic Winds the following academic year. Up to 3-5 winners will be selected. This is one of the most anticipated events at CWRU. The Department of Music is proud to offer this competition each year as an opportunity for our talented musicians to gain performance experience. The Concerto Competition will be held on Friday, March 22, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. in Harkness Chapel (directions).

CWRU trumpet student Alexander Lenhart will take over the @cwrumusic Instagram Story on Tuesday during the week of the Concerto Competition. Follow along throughout the week, experience the buzz of performance day, and get a feel of what the Department of Music community is all about!

Past winners include:
2018 | Julie Kim (violin), Bianca Pierson (saxophone), and Devin Reddy (horn)
2017 | Kieran Aulak (marimba), Tyler McMaken (piano), Jason Linn (trombone), Zoe Ruolin Yang (violin), and Timothy Nicholas (violin)
2016 | David Hsiao (violin), Christina Liu (violin), Rebecca Pfieffer (trumpet), Vincenzo Volpe (flute), and Ann Wang (piano)
2015 | Ailin Yu (piano), Meigen Yu (piano), and Robin Jo (violin)

Concerto Competition 2019

Judges: Mr. Eric Charnofsky, Mr. David Ellis, Dr. Kathleen Horvath, and Dr. Ryan Scherber

Accompanists: Anne Wilson, piano and Alicja Bansinska, piano (unless noted)

Performers (instructors):

  • Jessica Kwok, violin (Eugenia Poustyreva) | Natsumi Shibagaki, piano
  • Morgan Fox, double bass (Kathleen Horvath)
  • Isabel McLeod, harp (Jody Guinn)
  • Emma Markowitz, soprano Joan Ellison)
  • Zoe Perrier, bassoon (Mark DeMio)
  • Jon O’Brien, saxophone (Greg Banaszak)
  • Aditya Mahesh, saxophone (Greg Banaszak)
  • Ryan Buechele, trumpet (Loren Toplitz)
  • Nicholas Pogharian, trombone (Paul Ferguson)
  • Joshua Adams, bass trombone (Paul Ferguson)
  • Kentaro Umemori, clarinet (Daniel Gilbert)
  • Alexander Lenhart, trumpet (Loren Toplitz)
  • Sam Chaffee, piano (Sean Schulze)
  • Benjamin Cheung, piano (Gerardo Teissonnière)
  • Nicholas Chu, piano (Gerardo Teissonnière)
  • Hudson Hu, piano (Gerardo Teissonnière)
  • Brian Liu, piano (Gerardo Teissonnière)
  • Evelyn Bravo, violin (Stephen Sims)
  • Benjamin Crosby, cello (Bryan Dumm)
  • Muayad Shahin, violin (Stephen Sims)
  • Timothy Orlando, violin (Carol Ruzicka)
  • Diane Jo, violin (Carol Ruzicka)

Check back here! The 2019 winners will be announced within a week of the competition.