MUHI 395A/395B

SAGES Capstone for Music Majors
(To be offered starting fall 2013, pending course approval)

In MUHI 395A, offered for 1 credit in the fall and graded pass/no pass, you will complete a formal Capstone proposal and preliminary work toward the document (such as an outline and annotated bibliography).

In MUHI 395B, offered for 2 – 5 credits in the spring, you will finalize the written component of the project and deliver a public presentation.

Double majors and dual degree candidates may opt to take a SAGES Capstone course in a department other than music. All other music BA students, with the exception of those in the Audio Recording concentration, must take MUHI 395. (In certain cases, special accommodations can be made for juniors who plan to graduate early, but only if all other requirements and prerequisites are met.)

The Capstone is focused on a major project, in most cases based in the student’s concentration within the BA degree in music.

Typical projects might consist of:

  • Senior recital (for Performance concentration)
  • Senior research thesis (for Music History or Theory concentration)
  • Lecture-recital (for Historical Performance Practice concentration)

Students are encouraged to create their own formats, with the proviso that all projects require department approval before admission to MUHI 395B can be granted.

Note: Students planning to use a recital as a Capstone component must be enrolled in applied music in the semester of the Capstone project, as well as in the semester preceding the project.

Whatever the project, it must result in a substantial written document, ranging from approximately 15 – 20 pages for a supporting document accompanying a recital, to 25 – 35 pages for a research thesis. The project must also have a public forum, appropriately arranged according to the nature of the project. The Music Department will offer a Capstone Forum at the end of the spring semester (during Reading Days) as a venue for research presentations.

Prerequisites: For MUHI 395A: Successful completion of two of the three courses in the Music History sequence (MUHI 301-303) and the SAGES Writing Portfolio. For MUHI 395B: Successful completion of MUHI 395A.