David Ake

Chair and Professor


David Ake is Professor and Chair in the Department of Music.  Active as both a music scholar and a jazz pianist, Ake authored the books Jazz Cultures and Jazz Matters and co-edited the essay collection Jazz/Not Jazz (with Charles Hiroshi Garrett and CWRU colleague Daniel Goldmark) all for the University of California Press.  Among his recording credits are the solo piano CD In Between (2005) and Bridges (2013) featuring Ralph Alessi, Scott Colley, Ravi Coltrane, Peter Epstein, and Mark Ferber, both available from Posi-Tone Records.   He also appears on recent CDs from Chris Clark (Songlines Records) and the trio EEA (Origin Records), among others.  A former music faculty member and Director of the School of the Arts at the University of Nevada, Reno, his honors include the Nevada Regents Teaching Award, the Mousel-Feltner Award for Outstanding Research, the F. Donald Tibbitts Distinguished Teaching Award, and the Housewright Dissertation Award from the Society for American Music.  Ake holds a Ph.D. in musicology and an MA in ethnomusicology from UCLA, as well as degrees in jazz performance from the University of Miami and the California Institute of the Arts.


Books and Select Recordings

David Ake, Charles Hiroshi Garrett, Daniel Goldmark, eds, Jazz/Not Jazz:  The Music and its Boundaries (University of California Press, 2012)

David Ake, Jazz Matters:  Sound, Place, and Time since Bebop (University of California Press, 2010)

David Ake, Jazz Cultures (University of California Press, 2002)

David Ake (w/Ralph Alessi, Scott Colley, Ravi Coltrane, Mark Ferber, Peter Epstein), Bridges (Posi-Tone Records, 2013)

Chris Clark (w/ David Ake, Peter Epstein, Zach Teran, Jesus Vega) Cedar Wisely (Songlines, 2013)

EEA (David Ake, Larry Engstrom, Peter Epstein), The Dark (Origin, 2010)

The Collective (David Ake, Larry Engstrom, Peter Epstein, Hans Halt, Andrew Heglund) Once and Again (CD Baby, 2008)

David Ake, In Between (Posi-Tone, 2005)

The Collective (David Ake, Larry Engstrom, Peter Epstein, Hans Halt, Andrew Heglund) Boats (CD Baby, 2003)


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Jazz, Musicology