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Overview of Business Policies

P-Card Audit Program

Case Business Policies

PCard Manual

Case PCard Policy

Music PCard Policy

PCard, DCard, and T&E Card explained

Independent Contractors Policy


$250+ purchases

Honorarium Recipient Information Form

Supplier Information Form

Blank Invoice doc – Word Doc

General Administration

General Faculty Dates and Deadlines

Faculty Harkness Request Form – short form for faculty to reserve Harkness Chapel

Off-Site Event Listing – For events not held on campus

On Campus Non-Harkness Event Listing – For events held on campus but not in Harkness Chapel

Room Schedules

Classroom Request Form – for all rooms other than Harkness Chapel

Personal Use of University Property Policy

Policy for Use of University Facilities

Application to Graduate in SIS (Grad students only)

Faculty Conciliation and Mediation Program


Travel Form

Case Travel Policies

Meals and Entertainment


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SLATE — Arts Supplement & Quick Guide