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Harkness Chapel Wedding Reservations



Harkness Chapel is available to qualified couples on a limited basis within the following dates (sorry, no exceptions):

Weekend after Commencement (mid-May) – Weekend before Orientation (2nd weekend of August)

The Manager of Performance Facilities and Operations can be contacted directly for reservation information:

Rates for Weddings in Harkness Chapel

Rental of Harkness chapel requires a $100 deposit at contract to hold a date, and a $1,000 rental fee ($100 deposit is applied to rental fee). Parking in not included with rental. 

Damages in excess of the $100 deposit fee will be billed separately.

Chapel Rental Includes:

  • Two hour rehearsal booking (including setup and cleanup)
  • Four hour ceremony booking (including setup and cleanup)
  • Use of the piano by a professional musician (provide name of pianist to Dept. of Music for approval)

Please contact Jerome LaCorte, Manager of Performance Facilities and Operations for more information. 

Page last modified: May 1, 2018