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Case Camerata Chamber Orchestra


The Case Camerata Chamber Orchestra ( MUEN 386 ) is open to all CWRU students, faculty, and community members by audition who play string instruments and who desire to perform in an flexible instrumental music setting .  The group rehearses twice per week for a total of 90 minutes and performs 2 to 4 concerts per academic year.  The repertoire performed in this ensemble is wide ranging and drawn from a variety of smaller chamber genres that include pieces from the baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary stylistic periods.  Some of the pieces are conducted and others are rehearsed collaboratively by the group with coaching from the director.  The group collectively decides the program and many pieces use soloists from within the group.  Many first year students find that this group gives them a musical outlet and flexibility for leadership and solo performance.


Audition Information for Academic Year 2014 – 2015

All Auditions for the Case University Circle Orchestra

(MUEN 385,Monday and Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30 pm) and
Case Camerata Chamber Orchestra (MUEN 386, Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 – 6:00 pm )

will be held in the Denison/Wade Rehearsal Facility beginning on Monday August 25 and continue through  Thursday August 28, 2014.  Auditions begin each afternoon around 4:00 pm and go through the evening.  Students may begin signing up at Haydn Hall Room 305 starting on Monday August 18, 2014.

Both orchestras require an audition for placement and seating.  Case Camerata Chamber Orchestra (MUEN 386) requires the audition for seating and section placement while the Case University Circle Symphony Orchestra requires the audition to get in, section placement, and seating.

Both groups are of high quality, but, the demands are different.  The Case Camerata Chamber orchestra is smaller and the group has more flexibility and players have voice programming decisions.  And there is more opportunity for solo performance.  The Case University Symphony Orchestra is much larger and has more concerts performing traditional orchestral repertoire so there is a demand for more out of class practice.  Many freshman opt for Camerata for their first year on campus to make the transition smoother.  Please see the music department web site for additional information.

All auditions will consist of:

  • Scales
  • A prepared piece (not to exceed 3 minutes) that shows your level of performance (can be an etude or a solo piece)
  • Orchestra Excerpts (For String Players ONLY attached to this document)

The weekly audition schedule is divided into blocks of time for specific individuals as follows:

Monday August 25, 2014 MUSIC MAJOR String, Wind & Perc. Players, AS ASSIGNED
Tuesday August 26, 2014 Non Music Major String Players
Wednesday August 28, 2014 Non Music Major String Players
Thursday August 29, 2014 Non Music Major String Players
Friday August 30, 2014 Non Music Major String Players


Audition Materials

Participating students should be sure to subscribe to the orchestra notifications email system in order to receive the frequent emails regarding rehearsals, scheduling, etc.

Violin Audition Materials (PDF)

Viola Audition Materials (PDF)

Cello Audition Materials (PDF)

Bass Audition Materials (PDF)

Winds & Percussion Audition Materials (PDF)

Ensemble Details

  • Rehearsals: ,