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Lectures Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by the Center

  • Susan Fast (McMaster University): “The Politics of Retro: Precarity and Privilege in Sounding the Past,” March 20, 2015
  • Chris Horvath (Los Angeles): “Where’s the Money? Music Publishing; Because If You Heard It, Someone Got Paid,” Mar 21, 2014
  • Barry Shank (Ohio State University): “The Continuing Methodological Value of Participatory Discrepancies,” Feb. 21, 2014
  • DJ Rob Swift, “Interview by Santina Protopapa,” Oct. 26, 2013
  • Howard Pollack (University of Houston):  “Uses of Popular Music Styles in Marc Blitzstein’s The Cradle Will Rock,” April 19, 2013
  • Charles Kronengold (Stanford University):  “Crediting Thinking in Soul Music,” March 1, 2013
  • Mandy Smith (CWRU):  “Musical Signifyin(g) and a Percussive Aesthetic in the Music of Charley Patton and His Immediate Circle,” Feb. 8, 2013
  • Stephanie Vander Wel (State University of New York at Buffalo):  “Sweetly Strident:  Vocalizing Domesticity in Barn Dance Radio,” Nov. 30, 2012
  • Craig Werner (University of Wisconsin):  “We Gotta Get Out of This Place:  Music, Memory, and the Experience of Vietnam Veterans,” March 2, 2012
  • Charles Hersch (Cleveland State University):  “Jazz Jews:  Jewish Jazz Musicians and Ethnic Identity,” Oct. 14, 2011
  • Dale Cockrell (Vanderbilt University):  “Towards a Public Musicology:  The Case of Laura Ingalls Wilder,” Sept. 30, 2011
  • Elijah Wald:  “Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues, “ April 22, 2011
  • George Lipsitz (University of California, Santa Barbara):  “Midnight at the Barrelhouse:  Why Rock ‘n’ Roll Matters Now,” March 25, 2011
  • Deborah Pacini Hernandez (Tufts University):  “Latin Lingo:  Locating Latinos, Latins, and Latin Americans in the U.S. Popular Music Landscape,” Dec. 3, 2010
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