Batchelder Wins the Music Library Association’s Eva Judd O’Meara Award

Dan Batchelder has received the Music Library Association’s Eva Judd O’Meara Award, given for the best review in Notes, for his review of Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Master Score, which appeared in Notes 73, no. 1 (2016). The award was given out this past weekend at the MLA’s annual meeting (in Portland); the citation prepared by the committee was as follows:

“In his review, Batchelder skillfully provides just enough background to elucidate the significance of the work’s contribution, a master score that serves as useful study for musicologists while also acknowledging the collaborative process of score production for animated feature films. He demonstrates his deep knowledge of the subject by providing additional insight into the creation of master scores, serving a utilitarian function to present music, dialogue, lyrics, and sound effects; by describing the presentation of the score along with historical insight into Disney’s production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; and by critiquing the notation methods used within by comparison to the visual work. Should anyone want to explore the subject further, Batchelder cites a number of related resources. His review is thorough, enlightening, and intriguing.

It is with great pleasure that we recognize Daniel Batchelder for his exceptional review by presenting him with this year’s Eva Judd O’Meara Award.”

Dan joins a rather distinguished group of award recipients, which can be seen here:

Please congratulate Dan for this wonderful recognition!